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I would love to track/record the songs you've worked so hard to create here at WestWave. With access to professional-grade instruments, microphones, amplifiers and more, we can create high-quality recordings of your music that will truly represent you as an artist. 

$25 per hour

Tracking & Editing

Let's take your recorded tracks to the next level with a stellar mix. This process will showcase your music, "mixing" all of your individually recorded tracks into a single, great-sounding song.


$75 per song


Time to take your fantastic mix and "master" it into a professional-grade recording that will sound excellent across all media formats and sound systems. Whether it's YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, or any other platform, your song will be able to hang with all of the other professional recordings out there.


$25 per song


At WestWave, you have the option of filling out your song with guitar, bass, drums, or keys through session tracks performed and recorded by professional musicians. This service is perfect for singer/songwriters with music that you've always wanted to hear performed by a full band.


$60 per instrument per song

Session Musician


Interested in booking a session for any of the above services? Click "Contact WestWave" below and get the conversation started! I look forward to working with you on your music.

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