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Are you looking for an original song, specialized instrumental track, or even original music for a podcast/video project? As part of WestWave Studios, I offer music composition services for all the aforementioned purposes, as well as many more. 

I have composed music for a variety of different groups, genres and purposes over the past 10+ years, including music for anime, instrumental arrangements for artists’ recording sessions, and various performing instrumental ensembles. I would love to offer my services to you on whatever project you need. 

If you are interested in a quote, or more information about a particular project, please contact me via the contact page, and we can get started. 

What People are Saying...

"Derek has offered both an easy to learn and exciting environment to create music. Our project was brand new stepping into this field and Derek offered his knowledge at a pace that was understandable and fun to watch. He makes time and becomes focused on the work he does so you can be sure that he will give his all to your projects. God has worked through him both as a musician and a friend."

Brandon Glattfelder,
creator of C.O.T.I.

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